Racer 5 by Bear Republic


Brewery Name and Location: Bear Republic of Cloverdale, Sonoma County, CA

Name of Brew: Racer 5

Style of Brew: IPA

Purchase Info: $3.99 for 22oz bottle

ABV: 7%

Ingredient Info: Columbus and Cascade.

Nutritional Info: Unknown

Vessel Used for Tasting: White wine glass

Aroma/Olfactory: Resiny, NY hop aroma with a bittersweet, grapefruit undertone.

Visuals/Appearance: Golden, amber with off-white head.

Taste/Flavor: Clean initial bite with grapefruit notes and bittersweet finish.

Palate/Tactile: Light bodied yet oily.

Tasting Backstory: This is my favorite regular release IPA. It’s fucking awesome.

Rating: 10/10

Value Rating: 9.5/10


3 Responses to “Racer 5 by Bear Republic”

  1. Their racer is a killer brew. I just hooked up with a case of 12 bombers of their red rocket ale, which I’ll be reviewing soon. Not sure why, but it was on sale for $19.99 — great stuff. Cheers, and Happy New Year.

  2. Happy NY 2 U 2 homie.

    I think Bear Republic is my favorite brewery across the board. That’s a damn good price on the Red Rockets, nice find…

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