AleSmith IPA

Brewery Name and Location: AleSmith Brewing Company of San Diego, San Diego County, California, USA

Name of Brew: AleSmith IPA

Style of Brew: IPA

Purchase Info: $3.99 for 22oz bottle.

ABV: 7.25%

Ingredient Info:

Nutritional Info:

Vessel Used for Tasting: Big Glass Mug

Aroma/Olfactory: Pine and grapefruit aroma of NW hops. Slight floral and bread underneath.

Visuals/Appearance: Clear amber with a khaki head and lace.

Taste/Flavor: Taste is bitter but not overwhelmingly so. Flavor is a dry grapefruit with a bit of evergreen. Very straightforward.

Palate/Tactile: Medium bodied and a bit creamy.

Tasting Backstory: Quintessential San Diego IPA. Bitter and hoppy without a bunch of accoutrements. Pretty good.

Rating: 8/10

Value Rating: 7.5/10

One Response to “AleSmith IPA”

  1. I’ve never had the chance to try and Alesmith and this along with Speedway Stout are they two that I’ve heard are amazing.

    Sounds pretty good to me.

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